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If you have a little boy, you can name him a car part! You can call him a Mini Cooper, a Rolls Royce, a Lincoln, or even a race car. Many names for cars have historical significance and can be perfect baby boy names!

Cooper Blue

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If you are looking for a unique boy name, consider Cooper. This name is popular among car enthusiasts and is also used by car manufacturers. It was the most popular boy’s name in the U.S. in 2014. In addition, it has a special meaning in the world of cars. It’s an excellent choice for a boy because it sounds fantastic and distinctive.

A baby boy named Cooper may be interested in cars, and there are plenty of boy names related to car parts. These names are unique because they are rare and sound luxurious. These names are fun, stylish, and expensive. They also evoke powerful energy. However, when choosing a boy’s name, make sure to choose a name that will fit well with your boy.

The name Cooper Blue has a robust automotive connection. It is a classic car name and is often associated with an inventor. A traditional car name can be a solid, stable choice. It sounds proud and attractive, and it’s indicative of strength.

Mini Cooper

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Mini Cooper names are a classic way to personalize your car. They can be boy or girl names and are usually alliterative. Famous names include Millie, Mollie, and Minnie. You can even get creative and name your Mini after a popular character in a movie.

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Mini Cooper is a beloved car made by many. The name means “barrel maker,” but it can also be a fancy name for a boy. The name is also a reference to the Mini Cooper model, which was famous for years. Other boy car names include Mark, Malcolm, and James.

Some car parts can also be boy names. There are various parts of a Mini Cooper, such as the trunk. These parts are used in making the car, so a character based on these parts can drive the vehicle to sound rich, sporty, and expensive. Besides sounding powerful, car names also sound stylish and sophisticated.


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Royce is a boy’s name that represents luxury and extravagance. Its name is derived from a luxury car produced by RR Limited. The car company also had aircraft engines. Many aircraft today are powered by RR engines. The RR company also owns Bentley.

The Rolls Royce brand is a luxury car manufacturer in England. It is one of the most popular brands of luxury cars, and the name Royce is an equally stylish boy name. A baby boy name Royce indicates a regal, lavish lifestyle and an adventurous spirit.

Another car part that can be a boy’s name is the axle, an essential car part. Another fun name related to cars is Ayrton, a Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One world championships. Other cool car names include Brooks and Chevy.

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Although not precisely an automobile, the name can be a boy’s name if a boy has a passion for cars. It can suggest sophistication and toughness. It can also be an enjoyable name that evokes a sense of fun and adventure.


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If you want to give your son a unique name, consider Lincoln. The car company has been excellently introducing new boy names for its luxury models. Its latest name change is the Lincoln Aviator, which means “red king.” You can also go with a more classic name like Jenson, the name of a Formula One racing driver.

As a parent, you want your child to be active, which means getting him involved. That’s why Rita and Lincoln signed him up for a football team under the guidance of Wade Williams. He is a star player on the team, and his parents are incredibly proud of him. When his parents are talking about having a new child, Clyde overhears their conversation about getting a sibling and trains him to be a good boy.

While trying to make up with his sister, Leni, he also has a crush on Rocky Spokes. When his sisters fight, he tries to help them make up, and it helps to have the help of his sisters as well. He is also tempted to get involved in the fight but eventually gets involved.


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Consider a car name if you’re struggling with a boy’s name. This high-class name sounds rich and rare yet fun and unique. It’s also eye-catching and energetic. You can also consider words from car manufacturers, such as Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce.

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The name Maverick is a distinctly American one, meaning “free-spirited.” It’s a good choice for boys who like to defy normality and stand out from the pack. It’s also associated with sports and all things Western, making it a popular boy name for many parents. It was made famous by Tom Cruise in the 1986 film Top Gun.

Another option is Groupe Renault, a French car manufacturer established in 1899. Today, it’s owned by Nissan. A baby boy with this name would sound adorable! Richard Petty, a retired racecar driver who won the Daytona 500 seven times, is another excellent choice for a boy’s name. It is a spelling variation of Riker Electric Vehicle Company, founded in 1902. Another exciting option is Kia Rio, a compact sedan manufactured by the South Korean company Kia.

Another unique name for a boy is “Rocket.” In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell explained the inspiration for his son’s name. The rapper explained that “rocket” is a modern equivalent of nature’s name, “Rocket.” It conveys power and achievement.

Lincoln Continental

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The 1960s were a tough time for the Lincoln Continental. Its price tag of $10,000 was detrimental to sales and significantly damaged the company’s brand image. But the company’s marketing chief overheard a couple arguing about whether the Lincoln should be called MKS or MKZ and decided to change the name.

With the recent introduction of the Lincoln Navigator and Continental sedan, the brand has begun its rebirth. In a move that resembles Audi’s, Lincoln has decided to go the other way. It has decided to introduce new names for its luxury cars and is considering the name Lincoln Aviator for the new three-row SUV. It has also renamed its MKX and MKC models with names like Corsair and Nautilus.

During the 1970s, the company introduced several naming traditions within the brand. The Town Car nameplate was reintroduced permanently as a sub-model of the Continental. The Continental Mark IV introduced the Designer Editions and used the Cartier-brand clock.

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