How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder?

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The auto industry is suffering from a shortage of parts and is having difficulty repairing cars. Dealerships will tell customers that certain car parts are “hard to find” and “on backorder.” This may make you wonder how long it will be before your car is fixed.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are becoming increasingly hard to find in the automotive industry. With thefts affecting auto shops and drivers alike, the wait for a new converter can be extended. Some auto shops have started selling aftermarket parts and theft-deterrent protective casing. But even more, measures may be needed to keep thieves away from this valuable part.

A stolen catalytic converter can cost up to $1,000. The metals inside the converter can fetch up to $200 or more to recyclers. It’s important to remember that if you lose or break your catalytic converter, you’ll have to pay for a new one. While buying new converters is possible, many original equipment models have been on backorder for months, making it nearly impossible to get the converter you need.

How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder? image 1
How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder? photo 1

Recent thefts of these parts compound the shortage, and auto part stores report a spike in their prices. Auto part retailers could order a new catalytic converter in the past within a day or two. But now, it takes weeks. Prices have increased, and shipping has become problematic. But don’t give up; there are solutions out there. You can try a salvage yard part or an aftermarket catalytic converter.

If you’re concerned about theft, you can file a police report. The thefts are increasingly common, and police agencies report more thefts of catalytic converters every year. However, these thieves are often hard to catch because they’re often caught on camera. Fortunately, Gramont is paying hundreds of dollars to install a protective shield over the catalytic converter on her car, which should deter thieves. Additionally, engraving the vehicle’s information on the converter is essential to identify stolen parts.

A new law in Oregon recently attempted to curb the theft of catalytic converters. This bill made it so scrap metal businesses can only buy converters from reputable sellers and owners. While the change was intended to prevent the theft of auto parts, it has made little to no difference in the reported thefts.

How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder? photo 0
How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder? image 0

Engine control modules

The engine control module is a critical component of your vehicle’s powertrain. The car can only start or operate properly if it is working correctly. The module controls many different functions of the engine. Its high demand means that manufacturers are experiencing a shortage of parts, making it difficult to find a replacement. While the module costs around $250 to $300 new, used versions are likely to be much more expensive.

Your car’s engine control module is a complex computer system that monitors various sensors to maintain the correct mixture of fuel and air in the engine. It automatically adjusts when conditions change, such as air or fuel levels. It also controls various other car subsystems, such as ABS and HVAC.


If you’re thinking about getting a new engine for your car, you may be wondering how long it can take to get a replacement part. The answer to this question depends on your car’s condition and the region’s availability. Many vehicles require engine control modules, which are often in short supply. To repair your vehicle, you will need to order these parts. However, it can be challenging to get these parts, especially when you need to know if they’ll be in stock.

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How Long Can Car Parts Be on Backorder? photo 3

Parts manufacturing has been hit hard by factory shutdowns and has been taking longer than expected. As a result, the global shortage of repair parts is affecting automakers. This means longer wait times and higher prices. Also, manufacturers have been experiencing problems sourcing raw materials, including steel, plastic, and silicon.

The problem affects all auto industry areas, from engines to computer chips. Many parts are unavailable, forcing auto repair shops to schedule repair appointments a month or two in advance. And while this has happened before, many mechanics say it’s happening more frequently than usual. Mechanics say there is no rhyme or reason to it, affecting all makes and models.

Exhaust systems

An exhaust system is one of the most complex systems in a vehicle. This means it’s essential to replace it if you have any problems. External corrosive agents like road salt, chemicals, and other environmental factors can cause exhaust systems to deteriorate. Even if the car is not running, exhaust system parts continue to wear and rust. This happens because of the acids produced during combustion. These components should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further rusting.

The availability of these parts is limited due to the pandemic disrupting the auto industry. This has left many auto body shops needing help finding the details required. Fixing a car used to take just five days, but now it can take weeks. In a story for CBS 17, the owner of a collision repair shop, Coats Auto Body, shows a Lexus that’s been on backorder since July.

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