How Many Parts Are in an Average Car?

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Cars used to be much simpler, but modern ones contain many parts, including high-tech electronics. This fact has led many to wonder, “How many parts are in an average car?”. Other standard vehicles with a large number of parts include bikes and airplanes.

How Many Parts Are in an Average Car? image 1
How Many Parts Are in an Average Car? image 1

15,000 to 20,000

The average car contains between 15,000 and 20,000 different parts. These parts are made for other purposes. For example, the airbags protect the driver’s body in the event of a crash. Another component is the rearview mirror, which allows the driver to see what they’re doing when backing up or reversing. Other parts are also expensive, including the engine, which is the most costly part of a car.

How Many Parts Are in an Average Car? image 2
How Many Parts Are in an Average Car? image 2

While it is true that cars are a machine that wears out, regular service and component replacement can extend the life of your car. If you maintain it well, you can expect to see an average car last for between 200,000 and 300,000 miles. A car that gets over 13,000 miles a year is considered high mileage.

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How Many Parts Are in an Average Car? image 3


There are over 1,800 parts in the average car, including the engine. Each of these parts is crucial for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Car makers use an assembly line that utilizes rolling tracks and robots to assemble the car. An assembly line can produce as many as 1,450 vehicles daily.

The majority of the parts in a car are made in the US. The US government tracks the percentage of domestic production. For example, the Honda Odyssey minivan and the Honda Ridgeline pickup are the most domestically produced cars. Other models with a high rate of American parts include the Honda Civic, Acura MDX, and TLX. The Mercedes C-class, on the other hand, sources almost 70% of its features from the United States and Canada.


Approximately 30,000 parts make up the average car. These parts range from tiny nuts to the engine block. The number varies, however, depending on the type of vehicle and its size. For example, a bare-bones work van will have fewer parts than a high-end coupe.

The average car contains more than 30,000 parts, most of which are steel. Different kinds of steel are used for other factors to maximize performance, efficiency, and safety. Since the early days of the automobile, automakers have understood the importance of using specific steel for different functions. According to Henry Souther in the New York Times in 1909, automotive steel was made of mild steel, which was more straightforward to form into pieces. However, modern automakers can now choose from a wide variety of steels for the parts on their vehicles, including high-strength steels.

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