How to Find Car Parts in Fortnite Season 5 Week 2

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Finding car parts in Fortnite Season 5 săptămână 2 is a big part of the game. You will need to find different car parts throughout the map. You can find them in the Dirty Docks, Haunted Hills, and Under the bridge. Once you have all the details, you can make your car.

Compact Cars

There are many locations in Fortnite where you can find Compact Cars. One of the most famous is the junkyard west of Dirty Docks. You will find the first part of a car in the southwest corner of the junkyard, while the second can be found in the northeast corner, between piles of pipes and crushed vehicles.

When you first enter the map, look for the small building marked with a water plant containing some metal structures. Another location for finding Compact Cars is the large scrapyard east of Frenzy Farm and west of Dirty Docks. This is where you will find many cars, making it an excellent place to gather Metal. When you reach the required amount of Metal, you’ll receive rewards for finishing the Metal challenge.

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How to Find Car Parts in Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 photo 1

Another way to find Compact Cars in Fortnite is to perform the Forged in Slurp challenge. This mission requires you to complete a dance at specific locations on the map. You can do this by dancing at the Weather Station, Locke’s Lighthouse, and Compact Cars. These are all free challenges that you can complete without a Battle Pass.

In Fortnite, you can also find Compact Cars in the dirt at the Dirty Docks. The car part is in a green shipping container that you must break open. Once you enter, you can interact with the car part to earn 20,000 XP. You can also find the position by destroying the Durrr Burger Food Truck or the Durrr Burger Restaurant.

In Fortnite, Compact Cars can be found by completing the Week of Challenges. Each week’s challenge has different requirements for collecting Metal. One of these challenges requires conducting a checkpoint near Hydro 16 in Chapter 2. Once you reach the bridge to the east, you’ll notice a checkpoint for Compact Cars.

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How to Find Car Parts in Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 photo 2

Dirty Docks

One of the most popular quests in Fortnite is to get the three Fortnite car parts in Dirty Docks. Sparkplug creates this three-part quest, and it requires players to interact with three different car parts to complete the mission. One of the car parts is found inside a POI in Dirty Docks, while the other two parts are hidden in different locations around the map.

The Dirty Docks challenge is available now. It’s located on the map’s eastern edge and separated from the main island by water. To start, players must swim south of the cranes, where they’ll need to navigate through the water. Players can also get an extra chance to complete the challenge by completing a swimming time trial.

There’s no need to rush. Dirty Docks has a safe spawn location, and it’s relatively easy to sneak to. It’s located inside a two-story warehouse building connected to some water processing equipment. Once inside, players can grab some Slurp barrels and then return to the main area to pick up more supplies.

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How to Find Car Parts in Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 photo 3

The first spray can in Dirty Docks is found in the blue warehouse. The second spray can is located in the grey warehouse to the south, near a row of wooden crates. The third spray can is near a row of office desks and racking. Regardless of what weapon you choose, Dirty Docks can be one of the most exciting parts of the game. You can find many unique items in this location, including weapons and armor.

One of the most popular Fortnite skins is the Aquaman skin. The process for achieving this skin is uncomplicated. It would help if you swam around the dirty docks east of Frenzy farm. Then, press E to complete the challenge. You’ll be rewarded with XP and cosmetic items.

You can also find loot in this location. There are three different warning signs in Dirty Docks. The first can be found outside a warehouse, while the third can be near the hanger. The fourth warning sign is located on top of the southern pier. Players can place up to three warning signs in Pleasant Park.

Under the bridge

If you want to find car parts in Fortnite, you should watch them under the bridge. This area is on the western edge of the map. Just keep an eye out for it when you are in the area. In this way, you can find car parts quickly.

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