What Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled For Money?

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There are numerous ways to recycle car parts for money. You can sell unused parts and use them in a new vehicle, giving you a profit. There are also several ways to eliminate hazardous chemicals inside the car, leading to legal issues and thousands of dollars in fines.


Recycling tires is a great way to get cash for old tires. It reduces landfill space, and the tires can be reused or retread by another person. There are various ways to recycle old tires, including curbside pick-up during bulk trash collection days or participating in special recycling events organized by the local government. However, before you recycle your tires, check the regulations in your state and find out which businesses will accept them.

You can sell your tires for cash for a few dollars each. Craigslist is an excellent place to post old tires for sale. Most people use this website to sell low-cost or free stuff, so people will be searching for a good deal when they see your tires.

The recycled tire rubber is cleaned and packaged in special containers and can be used in various products. Some of these uses include playground equipment and artificial turf. Some companies even use rubber for fuel. This is environmentally sound and saves money on fuel costs. There are many other uses for your old car tires, and you can save money by using them for other purposes.

Depending on the location, you can recycle your car tires for the money. In addition to making money, you can help the environment by donating your car’s tires. Many people need more time to dispose of their old tires, and recycling them can help. You can also find a business that accepts your tires and pays you for them. However, you must check your local laws and regulations before recycling your car tires for cash.

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If you need more cash to purchase new tires, consider selling your old tires. You can sell your tires on an online marketplace, such as Sell My Tires or use a local one. Another option is to sell your old tires to recycling centers and retread facilities.

Catalytic converters

Car owners can easily recycle catalytic converters for cash. The easiest way to recycle catalytic converters is to bring your car to an automotive recycler. You can also take your car to scrap metal dealers and car scrap yards. Some of these organizations will even pay you for your used car.

Catalytic converters work by cleaning the exhaust from internal-combustion engines. They remove oil and unburned fuel and burn them with oxygen. The resulting exhaust is much cleaner than the exhaust from the engine. In the 1970s, the U.S. government started regulating automobile emissions.

Recyclers can make money by selling the metal from catalytic converters. The metal contained in car catalytic converters is worth a few hundred dollars. But don’t think that the car recycling industry is only interested in catalytic converters. You can also sell the metal to other companies, including those dealing in jewelry, synthetic rubber, and jet engines.

The value of catalytic converters varies, depending on where they came from. If the catalytic converter was manufactured before the current year, you might get a better price if you recycle it. It is a precious component, and you can maximize the money you earn from it by selling it for scrap metal.

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What Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled For Money? photo 2

The value of these metals has been rising in recent years. Some metals in catalytic converters can be worth up to $600 per gram. The price of platinum has increased by as much as thirty dollars. Palladium is worth more than two hundred dollars. Rhodium is even more valuable. It is not publicly traded, but experts estimate its value can reach $15,500 per ounce.

Cars are becoming increasingly popular, and recycling catalytic converters can help them earn a nice profit. While car catalytic converters contain valuable metals, they are only profitable if purchased from a recycler. The recycling industry pays a fair price for used converters. This makes the process environmentally responsible, as well.

There are many reasons for car owners to recycle them. In addition to receiving cash for their used catalytic converters, recycling your used converters can help you reduce your environmental impact. It also reduces the number of recyclable materials in landfills.

Engine parts

You can recycle the engine parts of your car to earn money. This includes the engine block, water pump, and radiator. These car parts contain metals like copper and can fetch up to $200. Some scrap yards will pick up your car’s engine blocks for you. You can also sell the parts separately for $10 to $40.

Several car parts can be recycled, including pistons, camshafts, flywheels, and oil pumps. These parts can be sold to auto shops and can recycle into other products. The recyclers will melt the metals from the elements. This will help keep the trash out of landfills.

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What Parts of a Car Can Be Recycled For Money? photo 3

You can recycle the water pumps if you have spare engine parts. The pump is an integral part of your car and is known to last a long time. You can also recycle the plastic inside your vehicle, like the dashboards and bumpers. These plastics can be reused in the future, and you can earn money for your old car.

The main engine of your car can fetch you up to $500. It will cost you about a thousand dollars to replace a machine, but if you are handy and know how to remove it, you can save yourself from hiring a mechanic. You can sell the parts to recyclers or sell them to people who need an engine replacement.

Another car part you can sell for money is the catalytic converter. These converters contain precious metals that can fetch you hundreds of dollars. You can sell these converters to recyclers and scrap yards. In addition, vehicle fluids can be cleaned and recycled. They can also earn you a nice profit.

Exhaust system

If you have an old car, you can recycle its exhaust system to make some money. These systems reduce the noise and fumes a vehicle produces, and you can quickly sell them to a parts collector, private buyer, or recycler. In addition, if your car has a new airbag, you can also sell it for some money.

Catalytic converters, found in the exhaust system, are popular with recyclers. The precious metals in catalytic converters, like platinum, are unique. The value of these metals can go as high as $1,000 per ounce. In addition, the original catalytic converter is worth a lot more than an aftermarket converter.

Other items that can be recycled for money include plastic reservoirs and oil filters. Most batteries can be recycled for lead, zinc, plastic, and metal. Exhaust systems are worth about $50 to $180, depending on their weight. Exhaust systems with manifolds can add $60 to $80 to the price. Catalytic converters containing platinum and palladium can fetch as much as $100.

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