Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite?

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You may have been wondering where you can find car parts in Fortnite. The game offers players several ways to get them, including the Junkyard, Dirty Docks, and Compact Cars. But you must know where each one is located. This article will provide an overview of how to get all three parts of your car. This will help you out in completing all the challenges in Fortnite.

Dirty Docks

Dirty docks in Fortnite are urban areas where you can find a lot of chests. They’re located northeast of Retail Row and feature orange cranes and smaller structures. This is one of the busiest spots, so you’ll want to be prepared. However, if you’ve got a lucky strike, you can expect glorious loot to fall.

There are several ways to get gold in the Dirty Docks. For starters, you can collect gold bars in safes. These safes are scattered throughout the area and have the highest single yield of gold bars. They can yield up to 150 golden bars. To unlock the safe in Dirty Docks, you can head to the southern part of the location and interact with the Sentinel’s head.

You can also find a safe spawn in Dirty Docks. One of these places is on the ground floor in a building with metal shelves. Another safe spawn can be found in the one-by-one building west of the warehouse. The building is a narrow structure connected to equipment used to process water. It’s a good cover for sneaking around and quickly getting a kill.

Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 1
Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 1

Alternatively, if you want skin in Fortnite, try to get the Aqua man skin. It’s easy to find this one, but it requires a bit of swimming and will require you to swim through the glowing orbs floating above the water. You can earn extra time if you’re lucky enough if you’re a fast swimmer.

The goal of the car part quest in Fortnite is to collect three parts of the car. Getting all three components will earn you 20,000 XP. After ordering all three, you can complete the Sparkplug challenge and start your next quest. You’ll be rewarded with a car part when you’re done with it.

You can also get a spray can at Dirty Docks. The first can be found in the blue warehouse on the east side, while the second can be found in the grey warehouse on the south side. The second can be located near wooden crates and a bank of office desks.

Compact Cars

If you’re into Fortnite’s battle royale mode, you’ll want to take a look at the Compact Cars challenge. This new item is part of the Forged in Slurp set, and you need to visit a few landmark locations to get them. These locations include the Dirty Docks, the Frenzy Farm, and Lockie’s Lighthouse.

Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 2
Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 2

One of the challenges for this item is the Dance at Compact Cars challenge, which requires players to dance in three locations: the Compact Cars, Locke’s Lighthouse, and the Weather Station. The Compact Cars are located between the Dirty Docks and the Frenzy Farm.

Another challenge is to find the car parts. Players are given three pieces of metal, two of which can be found in the compact cars outside the Dirty Docks. There’s also a map where players can find the third part of a car. These three components are required to complete the quest.

The second part of a compact car can be found in the opposite corner of the map. It’s close to a channel and near a wrecked truck. The third part is located in a green compartment near a pile of blue and green steel trailers. If you complete all three phases of this mission, you will earn experience points.

Compact Cars is one of the three challenges available in Fortnite’s Chapter 2 mode. They’re located in a vehicle scrapyard on the east side of the map. You’ll find them near the Dirty Docks, but they may be crowded with challenge-goers. It’s worth looking at these challenges if you want to do the most damage in Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 3
Where Are the Car Parts in Fortnite? photo 3

When you find the Compact Cars challenge, you can take the Compact Cars to challenge to unlock the second level of this mode. This location is located near Frenzy Farm and the Dirty Docks. You can also use the Compact Cars challenge to level up your Battle Pass. This will allow you to level up more quickly and unlock more features and challenges.

Another way to get Compact Cars in Fortnite is by breaking down a truck, which is easier than it sounds. However, you’ll need to make sure to break all of the metal, as well as the metal parts, to get the most metal. This will require a lot of patience and careful scavenging.

Getting all three car parts

One of the most popular Fortnite challenges is getting all three car parts from Dirty Docks. This quest is split into three parts, each requiring the player to interact with three different car parts. The first two parts can be found near compact cars, while the third can be found by breaking a blue shipping container. Fortunately, this quest is easy to complete.

First, you must destroy the blue storage container. You will also need to destroy the two objects containing the Car Parts on the ground. You can find car parts in Dirty Docks and Compact Cars. You can also find them in Dirty Docks, which requires you to destroy a blue storage container.

Next, you must visit the Dirty Docks area and find the last part. This car part is located inside a blue and grey shipping container. Once you get all three parts, you will earn 20,000 XP. You can get one piece and then go out and get the remaining two parts in separate matches.

The first car part is located near a semi-open storage container. The second car part can be found near a large orange machine. The third part can be found in the dirt yard near a building with a sloped roof. You will have a nice new car when you see all three car parts!

Getting all three car parts in Fortnite can be a challenging challenge. However, it’s possible to get them all in the exact location with some luck. These parts are small and can be found in specific areas. Once you have all three, you can move on to the next Sparkplug challenge.

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