Where Can I Sell Parts of My Car?

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There are several options when it comes to selling car parts. There are eBay auctions, Salvage yards, and Craigslist. These options can help you make extra money. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to using these options. It is essential to do your research so you can make a wise decision.


There are several ways to make your listing visible if you want to sell car parts. First, eBay offers a built-in search function, enabling you to find specific items. You can even search by make and model. When you list your parts on eBay, include the fitment details so your article will appear in searches. If you don’t have these details, you can import them from other listings.

You can also sell parts from your old car on eBay if you are not interested in selling the entire vehicle. If the piece is still in working condition, you can sell it reasonably. You should also choose parts that are in high demand. Some examples of such functions include radios, HVAC controls, and speakers.

You can also list your parts in categories depending on their condition. For example, if you want to sell car parts, you should list them in the “auto parts” category. You will get more exposure if you sell your interests as a whole, so listing them in this category will help you get more money. However, ensure you categorize them properly and make a good listing title to attract buyers.

eBay is an excellent auto-part marketplace, with 110 million online listings. It’s estimated that three car parts or accessories are sold every second on the site. This platform offers great tools and support for automotive sellers. It’s free to join, and you can even post up to 250 free listings per month. In addition to eBay, Amazon offers a marketplace that enables small businesses to reach a broader market. Its user base is 82%, making it an excellent place to start selling car parts.

If you want to avoid searching for the right places to sell car parts, you can use eBay Motors. eBay developed this website to provide buyers and sellers with a simple, quick, and convenient shopping experience. The company started with its auction site in 1995 and has since expanded its services to make things more simple.

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Whether you sell performance or replacement car parts, Amazon is a great place to start. The number of car owners doing their repairs has increased significantly over the years, making car parts a lucrative category. Private label sellers and brand owners are well suited for selling auto parts on Amazon. Many private-label sellers choose to sell performance or replacement parts on Amazon. They are usually purchased by enthusiasts and require high-quality product listings.

Unlike other product categories, car parts are more complicated. For example, many under-the-hood parts have slightly different connector positions, making identical features incompatible. This can cause pre-sale questions, complaints, and returns. This means that the customer should check the compatibility of a part before purchasing it.

Amazon’s automotive and power sports category has 214.8 million visitors monthly. As a seller, you can use this opportunity to expand your brand’s client base and reach an engaged customer base. Most of Amazon’s users do not search for specific brands or car models but are looking for specific auto parts. You can take advantage of this by offering smaller, lighter pieces that are cheaper to ship.

When selling auto parts on Amazon, you must list high-quality products with compelling descriptions and photos. Remember, seventy-five percent of shoppers rely on pictures to determine whether the product is what they’re looking for. In addition, it’s essential to include reviews. These reviews are crucial for gaining customers and ensuring your products sell well.

Another good reason to sell car parts on Amazon is its vast selection. Many products are available for next-day delivery and are backed by the Amazon Prime service. You can also search for car parts by make and model to find a good deal. This makes Amazon a one-stop shop for car parts.

eBay and Amazon are two major platforms for auto parts eCommerce. These sites offer great marketing tools for auto part sellers and have many buyers. Auto parts are the most popular items on eBay, and many car parts are sold through eBay. It is also possible to list spare car parts on Amazon. The platform also has a large user base, making it the perfect place to sell car parts.

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Salvage yards

Salvage yards are a good option if you need car parts and want to sell them at a high price. Salvage yards specialize in buying used parts and know the secondary market well. They can also provide you with a better price than a scrap yard.

Salvage yards buy used cars that are too damaged to be driven. They either sell the parts, restore the vehicle to usable, or resell it to consumers. They also provide free towing to make the sale process as simple as possible. They also offer cash for car parts.

Salvage yards are the best place to buy car parts because they offer great discounts compared to new and online prices. Salvage yards pick the best pieces from totaled cars and refurbish them before selling them. They are not new, but they have been tested to work well. Additionally, you can inspect the parts before purchasing them.

Salvage yards have a high demand for car parts and other parts. Some yards specialize in enthusiast vehicles and restoration projects. They may be able to pay more for some regions than others because of their specialty. However, there are some parts that salvage yards won’t want.

It would help if you listed their value to get the best price for your salvaged car parts. It would help if you priced each piece individually, but you should be conservative. Remember to give reasons for the price. It would help if you offered a reasonable price to make a sale.

You can also sell individual parts at salvage yards. This is an excellent option for people who want to sell car parts for cash. The prices you receive are often higher than what you can get from a junkyard. However, it takes a little time and effort to make a sale, but you can make a profit from it.

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Salvage yards have a wide variety of used car parts. You can sell your details for a few hundred dollars. You can use the cash to buy a new vehicle that is much safer to drive. In addition, you can use the spare cash to repair your car.


Craigslist is a great place to advertise the sale of parts for your car. However, it is essential to note that you need to be very specific in your ad. This is because the more information you provide, the more likely you will attract buyers. Be sure to include details about the condition of the parts you are selling, including any significant dents or scratches. Craigslist has features that allow you to change your ad whenever you want.

When posting an ad on Craigslist, make sure you include keywords. This way, people will notice your ad. Also, you should set a fair price. While you may not get top dollar for your car parts, you should at least get close to what you think they are worth. To help you determine the right price, you can also research similar cars on Craigslist to determine the price that will attract the most buyers.

Before posting your ad:

  1. Ensure you have excellent photos of your car parts.
  2. Make sure the pictures are focused and sharp. This will help you attract buyers over the weekend.
  3. Indicate that you are open to making an offer on the parts.

If you have a part of your car that you want to sell, Craigslist is the perfect place for you to sell it. As long as you use clear photos and provide a clear description, you should have no trouble making your ad stand out. In addition, you can enter details about your car in the ad, such as whether it has air conditioning.

You can also try Facebook Marketplace. Unlike Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace allows you to vet prospective buyers. Users can message each other using their Facebook profiles. This makes the experience more personal. This way, you can avoid scams and protect yourself. The most important thing you should remember while selling on Craigslist is to be safe.

Although Craigslist is an excellent place to sell parts of your car, you should always ensure your safety is your top priority. You should not give out your credit card information to someone you do not know. You can also use the proxy option to hide your personal information.

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