Where is the Car Parts in Fortnite?

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There are several locations where you can find car parts in Fortnite, but you’ll have to know where to find them. You can check out our Haunted Hills, Dirty Docks, and Compact Cars. In addition to these locations, there are also several other spots you can find car parts, such as Under a bridge.

Dirty Docks

The Dirty Docks are a location in Fortnite where you can find tons of loot. This area is perfect for stand-offs and is full of loot spawns, chests, and loot offers. As a bonus, there are vases containing skins that can be collected.

The Dirty Docks are located on Apollo island, north of Retail Row and south of Steamy Stacks. The area contains a dock with several cranes. In the first season of Fortnite, the location was covered in water. Fortunately, Epic Games has gradually reduced the water level over the season.

The safes in the Dirty Docks are scattered throughout the area. They are located near various buildings and are situated near cranes. Safe #4 is located on the north wall, close to pipes and equipment. Safe #5 is located on the ground floor in the Dirty Docks’ southernmost part.

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Where is the Car Parts in Fortnite? image 1

You can find Wolverine’s trophy at the Dirty Docks in Fortnite. The award is the head of the Sentinel. To see it, you must sneak into the storage area, which is separated from the main Dirty Docks complex. This is an easy way to check the spawns in Dirty Docks.

The second part of the Dirty Docks in Fortnite challenge is to go to the docks and collect cat food. It can be found near the entrance to the cargo area. There is also an open blue container nearby. Collecting these two items will complete the week three Legendary Challenge. Once you have completed the week three challenge, you can focus on the other Cosmic Summer challenges.

The third warning sign is located near the hanger in Dirty Docks. The fourth warning sign is located on the southern pier. You will place the warning sign in a safe place. It is straightforward to spot and will earn you a good amount of XP. It is also an excellent spot to find loot.

You can also find Joey in the Believer Beach trailer park. This is located in the southernmost part of Fortnite island. Joey will spawn at this location if you see him on the map.

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Where is the Car Parts in Fortnite? image 2

Haunted Hills

If you’re looking for car parts in Fortnite: Haunted Hills, you’ve come to the right place. These parts spawn underneath the bridge on the western shore of the map. If you’re soloing, this location is worth a look. It contains three chests in a single place.

The horror map in Fortnite is based on the horror game of the same name. This map feature scares and fun minigames that pit players against each other. You’ll need a torch and a weapon to get through the scary parts of the map. If you’re playing with a large group, try to stay close.

Compact Cars

The Compact Cars are one of the landmarks in Fortnite battle royale. They’re located near Dirty Docks, near the east end of the map. This small area is filled with crushed cars and destruction equipment. To complete the challenge, you must visit and dance at these landmarks.

If you’re having trouble finding Compact Cars, don’t worry. They are easy to find, as they’re close to the entrance to the water. You can find a yellow compartment close to a pile of blue and green steel trailers. The other part is in the green room of a truck that’s stopped.

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Where is the Car Parts in Fortnite? image 3

A quest in the game requires you to find three car parts. The first two can be found at Compact Cars, and the third is at the Dirty Docks. The third part can be found by breaking a blue shipping container. However, players should be careful not to damage the container.

The Overtime Challenge requires players to collect metal in two locations. Luckily, this challenge is broken into multiple stages to help you get the coveted Metall. Once you have enough of the rare material, you can go on to the next challenge. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll unlock a unique Loading Screen.

The Dance at Compact Cars challenge is another way to earn XP. Completing this challenge rewards 14,000 XP, which can be used to level up your character. Additionally, completing it will let you unlock new items from the Battle Pass. You’ll also earn extra coins and cosmetic items.

While collecting metal is easy, it is more challenging than you think. It would help if you searched for it in places like Hydro 16 and the Compact Cars. You can also use a guide to help you locate these places. The most difficult challenge is placing in the top 10, which is challenging to do.

Under a bridge

One of the best ways to get car parts in Fortnite is to look under a bridge. If you go to the west side of the map, you’ll find a bridge. Then, go north to a junkyard with smashed cars. In this junkyard, you’ll find a car part.

The first car part is hidden in a semi-open storage container, and the second is found in a nearby junkyard. Another factor is hidden inside a chained fence near a big orange machine. There are three parts to find, so you’ll have to know where to look for each one.

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