Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite

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You’re in luck if you’re looking for car parts in Fortnite. You’ll be able to find them in the Season 5 quest “CAR PIECES!” In this quest, you’ll need to explore the Junkyard and interact with the car part. The more you interact with it, the higher the chance of finding car parts!

Dirty Docks

In the Dirty Docks, you can find three different car parts to complete the Sparkplug challenge. The first part can be found near a building with two garage doors, while the second can be found in the Junkyard near the crushed cars. The third part is in a grey storage container next to a tree. If you collect all three details, you will earn 20,000 XP and unlock the next Sparkplug challenge.

Dirty Dock is a large area with a significant point of interest, but finding these car parts is not difficult. Just make sure you know where to look. You’ll find them near each other – you can get all three in one match.

If you’re looking for car parts, you can also find them near Dirty Docks in other containers. However, starting, you may need more time to see all three. Regardless, you should be able to find three parts if you do a lot of exploring. But remember that some features may only be found after completing a few other challenges in Dirty Docks.

Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 1
Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 1

It would help if you began scavenging near a parked lorry to find the third part. Alternatively, you can also go near a stack of shipping containers to see the final cut. The yellow container is close to a pile of green and blue steel trailers.


In Fortnite, players can find Car Parts in the Junkyard quest, which can be accessed by entering the Team Rumble mode. Players must explore the Junkyard and interact with a car part to get them. The first part can be found on the western part of the Junkyard. The second part is in an empty clearing in the scrap yard. The third part can be found inside Dirty Docks, near a building with a sloped roof.

Players can also get car parts in Dirty Docks and Hunter’s Haven. The first can be found in a barely open storage container near the Dirty Docks. The second one is located at the piles of crushed cars. The third part can be found by breaking a blue shipping container nearby.

After completing the first part, players can proceed to the second part. It can be found by heading northward and interacting with the territory. The third part can be found in a grey storage container near a tree in Dirty Docks. Completing all three car parts rewards the player with 20,000 XP and unlocks the next Sparkplug challenge.

Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 2
Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 2

Finding car parts in Fortnite is very easy. It is possible to find three or four Car Parts at once in a junkyard. However, you must complete the quest to get the car parts. You can also find the Car Parts in the Compact Cars scrapyard, where car parts lie on the ground.

The quest for Fortnite car parts can be done alone or with the help of another player. While you will only be able to get some of the features on your own, you will be able to find other factors in the game. If you want to complete the Car Parts quest, it is recommended to seek help from a team of players.

When you visit a junkyard, you should have the plan to follow. Try to find a junkyard that has a good reputation. This way, you can make the best use of your time. A junkyard is a fun and exciting place to visit. You can find excellent parts here and earn some extra cash.

When looking for car parts, searching for them by name is essential. Some junkyards have a catalog for you to view. However, others do not. When looking for car parts in a junkyard, look for a brand you know. It is most likely a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle if it does not have a title brand.

Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 3
Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite photo 3

Haunted Hills

If you want to find car parts in Haunted Hills, you’ll need to find a small building. You can find it near the map’s northern side, overlooking an underground lake. You’ll need to break the floor and build ramps to access the building. Once inside, you’ll be able to find good loot.

Besides car parts, you can also find various items like Victory Royales. The map is constantly evolving. You may find some new objects or locations every week. In the latest update, you can find five recent locations. Before, the map was unpopulated and barren.

You can complete a treasure map if you want to find treasures in Haunted Hills. You can also complete a weekly challenge. These challenges are worth Battle Stars and can help you rank up. The challenge for Haunted Hills this week is to find the treasure map. Make sure to find it in the fastest way possible. It’s essential to get the treasure before the other players do. Otherwise, you can end up spending more time than you need to.

Despite the scary nature of the map, it’s worth checking out. It’s full of fun minigames, scares, and a spooky atmosphere that pits players against each other. To get started, you’ll need a torch and a weapon.

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