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If you have an old car you no longer need, selling it for parts is a great option. The easiest way to sell a vehicle for details is through a classified ad in a newspaper, online classified ads (like Craigslist), or even a junkyard specializing in the specific vehicle makes and models. You can sell a car for parts as individual parts or as a whole; some buyers will purchase the entire car and take it as is.


One of the most popular ways to sell car parts is online. Craigslist has a vast database of people looking for details for their vehicles. It is possible to search by location or find the perfect piece for your car. You can also search by keyword to find exactly what you’re looking for.

When you post an ad, include as much information as possible, including the type of car and what damage it has. This will help you be more trustworthy and credible to buyers. You can also create an account on Craigslist and edit your ads on the go.

After logging in to your Craigslist account, click on the “New Posting” tab. Choose a location and city that you would like to post in. Once you have selected the site, write the body of your posting. It is best to use short paragraphs so that it is easier for buyers to scan them. Also, include a brief history of the car parts you’re selling. This will build trust with potential buyers.

Although Craigslist doesn’t charge buyers, sellers do. The fee is usually $5 for entire cars and $3 to $5 for all for sale by dealer categories in the U.S. You’ll also have to pay per listing if you’re listing multiple items. You’ll need to provide a great description and excellent photos.

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Listed on Craigslist, your ads will be seen by many people. You’ll be able to sell a car part for much more money if you sell it in high demand. For example, a headlight from a Honda Civic will sell for more money than an old car part. Interior parts will sell well too. Before you list your ads, make sure you clean the pieces well. Photos of your details will help you sell them faster.

It would help if you remembered a few things when selling car parts on Craigslist. First, ensure that the car part you’re selling is clean and working. Next, determine a fair price. You should also choose the features that will sell quickly. These parts could include speakers, radios, and CD dashes. The key to success is picking the right pieces.


eBay is one of the best places to look if you’re in the market for car parts. The platform has a vast customer base, with more than 109 million visitors per month, and has a stellar reputation as a marketplace for auto parts. Additionally, eBay offers a simple fitment system and competitive pricing.

The first step in starting an eBay business is to set up an eBay Seller account. If you’re selling a larger quantity of parts, you’ll want to create a business account. This account will let you upload more features than the free eBay seller account. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can list your parts.

When you create an eBay listing for your car parts, you should ensure you have the correct auto part for your vehicle. Make sure to complete the product description field with the region’s details. You’ll also want to provide a compatibility table for the part. When the listing is published, buyers can use it to search for the details they need.

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Once you’ve created a listing for your auto parts, you’ll need to decide whether to sell OEM or aftermarket parts. You can list used or new features. New parts are more durable, but used ones can save you money. Remember to consider the parts’ quality and be careful about them.

While eBay is a great place to sell car parts, remember that there are some pitfalls to be aware of. There’s a high risk of scammers, so be careful when purchasing. You’ll have to pay eBay fees. eBay charges $60 for transactions under $2000 and $125 for transactions over $2000.

EBay’s Motors website is an excellent place to start when looking for car parts. eBay’s Parts Compatibility tool can help you find pieces that fit your car. The platform also includes reviews from other users.


The Amazon marketplace is ideal for automotive businesses to sell car parts and accessories. With more than 110 million active listings, the platform is one of the top online destinations for the auto parts industry. On average, the site sells three car parts and accessories every second. Auto part sellers can quickly gain exposure on Amazon thanks to the website’s free auto parts listing service. The site offers up to 250 free listings per month, which can be very valuable to a small business.

Auto parts are popular on Amazon for a variety of reasons. Increasingly, automobiles are becoming more durable and require more excellent maintenance, so more people are taking the initiative to fix their cars themselves. As a result, the demand for auto parts is increasing. To stay competitive, auto parts sellers must offer speed and convenience to attract customers. There are several ways to market auto parts on Amazon, including RepricerExpress, which teaches sellers how to optimize their listings for maximum sales.

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Before selling auto parts on Amazon, it is essential to register with a professional selling plan. You should also ensure that your product images are compliant and contain the UPCs of all major brands. In addition, make sure your product’s fitment data is correct. Also, make sure to include a warranty from the manufacturer or remanufacturer. Once you’ve done all these things, you should apply for seller status in Amazon Seller Central. You may need to submit your product’s pictures, supplier invoices, and the URL of your website for review.

Besides being a robust eCommerce marketplace, Amazon also offers fast delivery. The company has made significant investments to improve delivery services. Most of its customers can expect to receive their items the same day or the next day if they subscribe to Amazon Prime. Amazon has also struck deals with some of the largest auto parts suppliers in the U.S. to expand its parts and accessories business.

Always read the product description carefully when shopping for car parts on Amazon. Often, sellers will indicate a serial number in the product description. Always double-check serial numbers for authenticity. Also, check for high-resolution images. Since counterfeit auto parts are a global problem, a high-resolution image can help consumers examine a product more closely.


If you want to sell car parts, Walmart has a great marketplace for used auto parts. By adding your details to the market, your listings will appear on Walmart’s website when someone searches for that part. Walmart’s large customer base means fewer competitors and lower pricing, which means more sales.

Unlike many other product categories, auto parts are more complex. For example, many under-the-hood parts have slightly different connector positions. This can make them incompatible. This can lead to pre-sale questions, complaints, and returns. Therefore, sellers should ensure their products meet these requirements and offer a money-back guarantee.

Many big auto parts stores have custom websites with sophisticated parts finders, interactive parts illustrations, and extensive O.E. part number references. Some websites also collaborate with user groups and use forums to provide information and recommendations. While Amazon and eBay are the two most popular marketplaces for used auto parts, Walmart is an up-and-coming player in the car parts. Walmart’s online marketplace also has a parts finder, product information, and reviews. This can be a great place to sell car parts, but you should also be careful about the features you sell.

Consider using a third-party software solution to sell used car parts at Walmart. These solutions help to ensure that the fitment data is accurate and in the correct format for retailers. They can also help you maintain an accurate listing of your car parts and can even help reduce the rate of returns.

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